Our Services

At Curio Kennel, we do our best to provide you with the best service possible.  We are always here to answer any questions that you may have to the best of our abilities.  We are willing to try to help anyone with questions about purchasing or raising a puppy,  regardless of whether or not you have bought or plan on buying a puppy from us.  Each of our puppies also come with a one year health guarantee and upon deciding to purchase a puppy from us, you will be provided with frequent updates, often including pictures and videos.  Aside from those things, which we consider to be basic service, we offer a few other programs that we believe makes us a little more unique and distinguishes us from other kennels.

DVD Memory

We have developed a new program that is an optional add-on with any puppy purchase.  For an additional fee of only $50, we will include with your puppy a DVD documenting of the first 8 weeks of his litter's life.  The video will be between 30-60 minutes long and will allow you to see your puppy from newborn until the time that it arrives at it's new home.  It will allow you to gain a little bit of insight into the home that your puppy was raised in, as well as allow you to see the puppy's litter mates, sire, dam and give you a peek into the process of socializing that we go through with each puppy.

Delivery Options

We will ship your puppy to anywhere in the United States.  Shipping costs are $300 and include airfare, travel crate and health certification from a veterinarian.  We offer free delivery within 100 miles of our home, and when we deliver puppies within this distance we will usually bring all of the available puppies as well as the dam so that you are able to see the entire litter and make your selection.  Past 100 miles, we will also usually hand deliver your puppy to anywhere in the continental United States, if we have the time for a flat fee of $25 along with a charge of $0.25 per mile.  When figuring out delivery charge, we take the entire route, round trip, into consideration.  An additional delivery fee of $50 is also added at 850 miles and for every 750 miles after that, to accommodate for overnight stays.  We offer this option for customers who are not comfortable with having their puppy shipped on a plane at such a young age but would still like to purchase a puppy.

YouTube Video Updates

If you visit our channel on YouTube, www.YouTube.com/CurioKennel you can see video updates of our canine family.  We often have videos of current litters and available puppies for viewing to give you better ideas of the puppies personalities before you purchase.

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